Final 2020 NHL Draft Rankings

2020 NHL Draft: Final Top-62 Rankings

21. Dylan Holloway C/LW – 6’1, 203 lbs

Dylan Holloway is an intriguing prospect to say the least. Coming into the NCAA as a true freshman this season for the Wisconsin Badgers, Holloway has impressed many scouts right out of the gate with his powerful strides and his strength. The sequence below is a prime example of the youngest player on the ice just powering through the opposition, creating the zone entry and ultimately attracting a defender to him; freeing up a shooting lane and allowing him to make a pass to Cole Caufield for a nice scoring chance. That is the strength, pun intended, in Holloway’s game. He’s so hard to stop.

Although he’s only billed at 6′1, he can play some of the most aggressive and intimidating hockey along the boards and in the neutral zone. Capable of playing both Left Wing and Center, the young freshman is always very noticeable on the ice, as he plays a good 200-ft game already and controls the puck quite well due to his frame. reach and surprisingly good skating. He uses his good speed and exceptional edgework to avoid defenders while trying to maintain possession, but does not shy away from attacking the net if he sees an opening (see below for a direct example).

Although he is really good at maintaining possession and executing successful zone entries, Holloway’s game seems better suited as a power forward winger. However, if Holloway can continue to work on diversifying his offensive tendencies and increasing his speed of execution, topping out as a top-6 C is not out of the question.

22. Kaiden Guhle LD – 6’2, 186 lbs

Guhle is a very quiet yet effective defender for the Prince Albert Raiders who is known for his solid two-way play and his reliable three-zone coverage. The first thing that strikes you when it comes to Guhle is how much ground he covers on the ice, due to his long reach and good skating. He is quickly able to box out opponents and limting zone entries accordingly. The sequence below is an excellent example of how Guhle shutsdown the opposition with authority.

One thing that is not talked about is Guhle’s offensive ability, which I find to be a tad underrated at this point. He has the offensive instincts to be aggressive in his play at the blue line and pinch at opportune times to support his forwards. He also possesses a pretty powerful wrist shot (as evidence below) that he can unleash given the time and space. For Guhle’s offensive abilites to translate tot he NHL, he will have to be quicker on the release of his shots, while also hesitating a little less, but that will come with time and good development.

Out of all the defensemen ranked in the first round, Guhle’s total, yet unspectacular package, could make him rise on the lists of other scouts, possibly into the top-15. Ultimately, he projects as a safe and fluid top-4 D, and that’s a solid value at this point in a draft.

23. Braden Schneider RD – 6’2, 202 lbs

Schneider hits extremely hard and plays a very aggressive game in the defensive zone. He uses his great positional awareness to push his opponents to the outside of the offensive zone, before absolutely crushing them along the boards.

The young D-man is also incredibly effective at moving the puck, especially out of the defensive zone, as he is able to make crisp outlet passes for zone-exits in all situations. Schneider has been called out for his decision-making under pressure, but, when Schneider keeps his game simple, he is very effective under pressure. He usually gets caught when he tries to do to much, as is the case with many young defensemen.

24. Emil Andrae LD – 5’9, 181 lbs

He is extremely efficient in getting pucks on net for deflections or rebounds and is often found joining the rush as the 4th man to aid in support. Furthermore, Andrae is known for his exceptional hands and stickhandling for a defenseman. Defensively, he is able to use his positioning and active stick to limit zone entries, but doesn’t shy away from forechecking pressure when the puck is put in deep. In fact, he is quite good and getting possession of the puck and skating it out himself.

I also love the way Andrae attacks the open ice aggressively, which forces opposing forwards to back off the puck. Andrae is then able to distribute the puck effectively to an open man. He can quite literally shake off opponents by deaking them out of their pants, recouping the puck and making elite-level passes to open teammates for a scoring chance.

Concerns over size will always be there (although 181 lbs for a player at 5’9 is quite built IMO), but he more than makes up for it with exceptional Hockey IQ and a competitiveness that can rarely be matched.

25. Jan Mysak C/LW – 5’10, 175 lbs

Jan Mysak has been a revelation this year and is easily the prospect that has the most potential to rise even more in future draft rankings going forward. He is a speedy and talented forward that creates scoring chances off the rush when entering the offensive zone with speed.

He possesses good vision and very soft hands, which make him very slippery and hard to predict. However, above all, Mysak possesses a very hard and accurate wrist shot, capable of popping water bottles for days.

Mysak also has exceptional skating to go with his great shot. We can see in the sequence below that he is able to quickly get up the ice, and can easily slow down the play to dangle his way into the high danger scoring areas for a beauty goal. That is Jan Mysak in a nutshell! A fearless speedster with a killer shot and some excellent hands.

Mysak’s game reminds very much of a young Nikolaj Ehlers, as both relied on their speed and shot to drive offense, while also having a nose for the net and highlight-reel passing abilities down low.

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