2021 1st Round NHL Mock Draft

It’s Draft Season! This has been one heck of a year. The players not playing regular games in regular settings and having to inch and claw to get tape in order to evaluate some of these guys; it was crazy. Now that things are slowly going back to normal, it’s time for our yearly NHL …
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2021 NHL Expansion Draft

With the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft upon us, it’s time to do the exercise of seeing how teams will strategize this time around with the incoming Seattle Kraken. Some GMs are looking to play it smart during this Expansion Draft, as many were left looking rather silly after the 2017 Expansion Draft in Vegas. Seattle’s …
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Final 2020 NHL Mock Draft

With over 14 months to follow, rank and discuss the talent players eligible for the 2020 Draft, now is finally time to put pen to paper and simulate how the selection process could break down on Draft Day.

2020 NHL Draft: Final Top-62 Rankings

This it is folks. After hundreds of hours of crunching tape and following the best and brightest draft-eligible players all year (and then some… thanks Covid-19), here is my comprehensive guide for the 2020 NHL Draft. I want to say that my rankings are my own, not influenced by the concensus (although the first 10-15 …
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Canadiens 1st Round Targets

Is the drop off considerable between 9 and 16? No, I don’t believe it’s as large as some make it out to be and the list of players below, who will likely be available around 16th overall when the Canadiens speak, will show why.

NHL Mock Draft: 2020 Post-Lottery Edition

With the Draft Lottery now behind us and the first 19 selections of the NHL Entry Draft confirmed, let the mock draft season begin! This is a fun exercise that allows us to weigh the possibility of each team at this respective ranks in real time to allow us a view of how the draft could like!

Top-62 2020 NHL Draft Rankings: May edition

With Covid-19 having put the word on pause for a little bit, this has given me ample time to watch (or re-watch) some tape on the upcoming 2020 NHL Draft eigible prospects. I ranked the players based on their potential AND their likeliness, in my opinion, to reach said potential moving forward. After much deliberation, …
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Lottery Simulated 2020 NHL Mock Draft

With the NHL season on hold and the playoffs up in the air, the hockey world waits to see where the dust settles on the NHL Draft Lottery. While we wait, I took the liberty of doing my own lottery simulation and producing a mock draft for the lottery eligible teams. The premise of this …
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Keep an Eye on Jake Sanderson

Jake Sanderson has a lot to live up to this year. The highest ranked player from the US National Development Team for the 2020 NHL Draft is hoping to carry on the legacy of last year’s record-breaking crop by soaring up everyone’s rankings with his solid two-way play. Sanderson was seen by many as being …
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The Case of Jack Quinn: Exploding on the scene

Jack Quinn is one of the more intriguing prospects in the upcoming 2020 NHL Draft, mainly because nobody had him near the top-end of their lists to start the season. Having come out of nowhere to truly establish himself as one of the better power forward and goal-scoring options in this Draft, many have begun …
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