Canadiens 1st Round Targets

Is the drop off considerable between 9 and 16? No, I don’t believe it’s as large as some make it out to be and the list of players below, who will likely be available around 16th overall when the Canadiens speak, will show why.

Top-62 2020 NHL Draft Rankings: May edition

With Covid-19 having put the word on pause for a little bit, this has given me ample time to watch (or re-watch) some tape on the upcoming 2020 NHL Draft eigible prospects. I ranked the players based on their potential AND their likeliness, in my opinion, to reach said potential moving forward. After much deliberation, …
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Keep an Eye on Jake Sanderson

Jake Sanderson has a lot to live up to this year. The highest ranked player from the US National Development Team for the 2020 NHL Draft is hoping to carry on the legacy of last year’s record-breaking crop by soaring up everyone’s rankings with his solid two-way play. Sanderson was seen by many as being …
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The Case of Seth Jarvis

Top Heavy Draft? The talk of this draft is how it’s very top-heavy,  and that, after the top-10, the drop-off is significant. Not only do I find this to be incorrect, but I also find it to be slightly shortsighted, as it should be pointed that out of those currently ranked in the top-10 (Lafrenière, …
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